Apace Natural Design natural-design

Apace Natural Design is a professional Landscape Architecture service offering a complete landscape design and planting service.

Based at the Apace headquarters in North Fremantle, the service emphasises use of local plants for the Perth Metropolitan Region.

Our approach is sustainable, natural landscapes that promote local plants, water conservation and low chemical use. The service applies to public recreation areas, landscaping in natural areas, wetland design and planting, schools, commercial nd residential landscaping. We encourage the integration of local native plants into existing landscaping schemes.

We like to be involved early in the design process of new builds or renovations because it allows us to ensure the landscape and building design are aligned.

We offer design solutions for

  • Residential home gardens needing better planned spaces, less lawn and creative use of native species.
  • Development approval landscape plans for residential or commercial spaces.
  • New build homes requiring a sustainable garden design to complement building design in achieving all year round comfort, green living and aesthetics.
  • Government agencies, Schools and Councils who need to rethink planning of public parks, subdivision plantings, or school gardens. We can hold workshops to stimulate input into these plans from relevant communities to get the best design solutions possible.
  • Landowners and Government agencies responsible for the restoration, revegetation and maintenance of bushland or wetland areas. We can offer flora surveys, management plans and implementation programs to satisfy all aspects of care or conditions of approval.
  • New developments in commercial, public open space, main roads or any other project that has a component of planting

We also offer a one-one Plant Consult and Plant Selection Service for

  • Residential home gardens that require infill plants or existing garden bed replanting, or others requiring a one-one consult on site.
  • We can recommend a plant list, or assist in bringing plants to site and planting with you.

Portfolio of Recent Design Projects

Landscape Plans

Residential projects across Perth, tailoring design solutions to meet client needs. Products can inclue concept plan, negotiations and submissions for planning approval and detailed landscape plans with plant schedule.

Commercial Development Approvals for projects for submission to the City of Gosnells, City of Nedlands and City of Fremantle.

Wetland Revegetation

Osmond Street, Kenwick, POS, drainage basin, revegetation design, weed control strategy and verge planting design, weed control programme, seed collection programme, Path alignment, signage

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club Swale Planting Plans

Community and Schools

Booyembarra Park – 6 Seasons Garden

Activ Foundation – Community Garden Feasibility Study and Plan

North Fremantle Social Farm – Landscape Plan

Mt Claremont Primary School Waterwise garden. New entry path and seating areas.


Wildflowers and other local plants for your garden.
Western Suburbs Greening Plan Guide detailing the values of local plants, design using local plants, problems, local bushland to visit. Publication for the Western Suburbs Regional Organisation of Councils (WESROC).

Landscape Master Plan

Landscape Master Plan for the Cottesloe Civic Centre with an emphasis on heritage plants and conceptual plans for all gardens.

Management Plan

Methodist Ladies’ College Foreshore Management Plans detailing revegetation of the foreshore and escarpment, specifying access, seating, weed and erosion control.