Local Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

Local Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

Over 30,000 plants have left our nursery for planting over the last month and the subsidy scheme is gradually winding up over the next few days.

We still have plenty of plants out on display for the next week and the public can can continue to buy plants at our regular retail price, so this is a great time to come down and speak to staff about which local native plants would do well in your garden.

There is still mandatory COVID registration. Subsidised plants are still available for participating councils – see further information below:

General Information on Subsidy Scheme

The APACE local native plant subsidy scheme is where participating local Councils subsidise the cost of APACE plants for sale during May (expecting 31st May as the last day),  so you can purchase plants at 50% off while they last.

 Key facts about subsidy:

  • The subsidy scheme starts on Saturday the 1st May for participating Councils (only)
  • Subsidised plants are $1.75/plant, normally priced at $3.50 each.
  • Purchase up to 10-80 plants/household (see table below)
  • Please bring proof of address as we need to verify eligibility
  • Payment by EFTPOS ONLY, remember to social distance 1.5m
  • There is a limit to the total number of plants each Council– e.g Fremantle provide over 2,000 subsidised plants for households in total).
  • Location: 1 Johannah St, North Fremantle
  • The subsidy scheme has been running for the last 18 years!

* If your Council is not listed above, you can still purchase plants for $3.50 each – we are open all year round on weekdays 8-3PM.

Note for Cambridge, Cockburn, Cottesloe, Melville, Claremont and Fremantle residents: We have sold out of subsidised plants for residents of these councils.

Nursery Opening Times 

8am – 1pm Saturday 1st May (during subsidy period only) and ongoing Saturdays in May will be 8-12PM.

8am – 3pm Monday-Friday (all year).

Don’t forget you can purchase APACE plants from our accredited nursery all year round for $3.50. Quality, local native plant have been carefully nurtured by hand from seed in North Fremantle as per nursery industry standards.